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Why do you only work with women?

There has in recent times been a huge shift in the rise of the feminine consciousness and i want to see women around me react to that. Through my own practice, life and work i have had many experiences that have made me now feel very called to work only with womxn.

Why do you write womxn?

We live in a very complex time where it is not enough any more to be blind to the multi-faceted identities of womxn. That is why identity is the CORE of what i do here at Diosa Coaching. I want anyone who identifies as a womxn or to the awakening of the feminine to feel comfortable in that identity and come to me for help.

Womxn – is an acknowledgement of the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced, but to also show that womxn are not the extension of men.

Why you and not another coach?

I am huge on intuition and following your gut. Come to me if it feels like the right thing to do. I am here to listen, support, guide and push you to be the very best that you can be. I have been through enough shit in my life and done enough qualifications, gained enough experience in my life to be empathetic towards you and your situation. There are of course things that i cannot relate to as i am an able-bodied, cisgendered, small, white woman – however, this is why i love coaching so much. Because YOU are at the heart of it – not me and my experience of life, just me, my spirituality, connection to the universe, my qualifications, experience as a coach and a deep heartfelt desire to see you succeed and live in your absolute authenticity.

What if i’m unsure about what package to book?

Contact me! I am more than happy to talk through where you are right now and what will be the best package for you to book.

What even is coaching?

First thing to clear up – coaching is NOT therapy. I am not a licensed therapist. However, i am a qualified life coach and i have over 10 years of experience working with maaaaany different people in many different periods of their life.

Coaching is centered on YOU. That is why i am a coach and not anything else, because i want to see you thrive in your most authentic way.

We work together to work out the issues, what is holding you back and then we work out an action plan that suits you in order for you to bring out your very best self in all aspects of your life.

There is of course some overlap between what you might talk to me about and what you might talk to a therapist about, but i will give you specific, actionable, visible and achievable things to do in between sessions so that you will see and feel the results almost instantly!

Where do we have the sessions?

If you are in Madrid then we can do the sessions in my house (Las Musas), in your home or in a coffee shop near where you live. Sometimes it is nice to do the sessions outside of your home, especially away from prying ears or in a neutral environment where you can feel comfortable.

For energetic awakening sessions, i would hold these at your house, at my house (preferably) or over Skype.

What if i live outside of Madrid?

We can do coaching sessions over Whatsapp, Skype or Google Hangout – whatever works for you.

Please see below about energetic awakening.

How does the booking process work?

Contact me for an initial discussion if you would like, otherwise you can book directly from my website then i will contact you and we will organise a date that suits you.

Can i speak/meet with you before our sessions start?

Yes absolutely – i really enjoy speaking with clients before we commit to doing sessions together. For you it is super important to make sure you feel comfortable with me before we start. If you are in Madrid we can chat or go for a coffee and if you are outside of Madrid we can chat over Whatsapp, Skype or Google Hangout.

How do the sessions work?

Once you have paid for your sessions and we have had an initial chat then the sessions will begin. I will talk here about coaching – please see below for energetic awakening.

Each session is 90 minutes and the dates for these sessions will be booked in our diaries at the time of booking. You will be given a workbook, which we will go through together during our sessions and homework will be allocated as well if you have the time. For the energetic awakening session we will book this alongside the other dates and we can organise the best place to hold the session.

After each session i will send you a summary and some homework to do! I am then available over Whatsapp or email for any queries, blocks, advice before each session. If you need to book in an additional session before our package session then this can be done at a reduced rate at a time that is convenient for both of us.

For example – if you are working on Identity and you’d like a career driver session then this can be organised. Or if you’re working on Purpose and would like a session on boundaries or inner critic, this can also be organised.

What happens in between sessions?

I will send you personalised homework and things to think about. I am available on Whatsapp or email during this time if you need support.

How often do i have the sessions?

It is important to keep up momentum – i usually suggest every one or two weeks. However, life can get in the way so i will set you more intense homework if there is a larger gap!

Energetic Awakening
How do the Energy sessions work if i’m not with you physically?

I have done specific training on working through distance. We are all energy, therefore we are all connected. Reiki will feel the same whether i am with you physically or via distance. I will send you instructions on how to make your room sacred before we start – then we will Skype each other so that i can lead you into the session and make sure i am clear on your intentions for the session.

What if i fall asleep?

This is very normal don’t worry – i will ask you to set an alarm before you lie down so that you can be roused from sleep when our time is up. If you don’t want to wake up then we can discuss this before and i will simply log off and speak to you when it is convenient!

Where do we do the sessions?

If you are in Madrid – then you can come to me in Las Rosas. Or, if you would be more comfortable i can come to your home where we will conduct the session in a suitable place.

What if i’m not comfortable with you being in my home?

Then we can conduct the session via Skype or at my home in Las Rosas.

What should i expect in my session?

There are really just so many responses to reiki that each individual client may experience.

  • You may fall asleep
  • You may be wide awake with your mind racing
  • You will feel warm in different parts of your body
  • You may experience tingling in your body
  • Your hands, feet, arms etc may flinch as the energy is released
  • You may experience the flinching after the session has finished
  • You may see colours or visions as you close your eyes
  • You may experience pressure in different parts of your body as i work on them
How should i feel afterwards?

Hopefully wonderful! However, as with any type of healing there are so many responses!

  • You may feel either completely worn out or very energised
  • You may not feel/experience anything during our session
  • You may see shifts in other areas of your life – work/relationships/sense of self
  • You may experience peace and calm
  • You may experience extreme happiness
  • You may experience pain free living!
Payment and booking
When do we start the sessions?

As soon as you book it in! The sooner the better – let’s transform your life!

How often should i have the sessions?

I like to have them every one or two weeks. However, i know that sometimes this is not possible so as soon as you can in order to keep the momentum up. This is where the homework also helps!

How do i pay you?

I accept payment via bank transfer or paypal – i will send you details of both once we have booked our first session in so you can pay me before our sessions start.

What if i decide i don’t want the session?

As long as you cancel 24 hours in advance of our first session i will return 100% of your session fee. However, within 24 hours i will retain a fee of 100 euros and return the rest to you.

What if i need to reschedule?

That is absolutely fine – please do this 24 hours in advance of our sessions. I realise things can’t be helped and we will discuss rebooking when you contact me.

What if my question isn’t on here?

Contact me please! More than happy to help x