About me

Hi! I’m Jenni a life and purpose coach and founder of Diosa Coaching. 

My mission for Diosa Coaching is to help womxn understand what it means to be a womxn and how to harness those gifts and voice as a collective feminine energy and as an individual to maximise your success in the world.   

I started this company because the last few years have been somewhat of a transformative time for me. I always knew I was destined for something atypical. However, I listened to those around me ever since I was young and found myself in roles and industries, that, whilst I enjoyed them for a time, I felt a restlessness in my core and realized I would never be happy until I found my own place, my own voice and my own identity. So, I started studying more spiritual practices alongside the practical elements of my business life and have now become qualified in life and career coaching, NLP, reiki, celestial, divine feminine and shadow work. 

I worked for 12 years in industry – marketing, career coaching and consultancy. I lived in Oxford, London, Madrid and have now found myself back in London. For the last 4 years however, I have started to listen to my feminine intuition, my gut and my spirit to understand that life has something very different for me and so… Diosa Coaching has been birthed.  

Why Diosa Coaching? 

The name Diosa in Spanish means Goddess. I wanted that to be the focus on my company – to awaken the power and vibrancy of the Goddess, the divine feminine. I evoke this energy into every core of my life. It is not to say I don’t use my masculine side (the side that basically gets shit done!) but it allows me to walk with a sense of grace, power, wildness, creativity and emotional vibrancy that I realise now was really lacking in my life. 

I want Diosa Coaching to be a place where womxn can find their place in the world – using their voice, their identity, their purpose and their passion. This is coaching for womxn that will take you outside of what is comfortable, what is ‘normal’, what is set for you and will give you a confidence that will light your life up – inside and out. 

Diosa Coaching is a platform for YOU to create your own life. That is the absolute beauty of coaching and energetic work because it is used to help you to find YOUR voice, YOUR life and YOUR way of doing things. I am merely a facilitator in this work and I will help you, hold you accountable and push you to be the very best that you can be. I want you to embrace the intersectionality of your femininity because all that you are makes you unique, makes you strong and makes you worthy of everything you wish to accomplish. 

So do not delay in investing in yourself – take the plunge, because you will absolutely not regret it. Self-awareness, healing and transformation in your life can and will take time. But as I have found out – the lessons become smaller, the hurt becomes less and the skills you will learn with me through our sessions together will equip you for life to live out your most authentic and powerful life.

Check out my services below if you feel called to up-level your life and find your own place in the world.