Work with me

I work in many different ways with my clients. Through traditional coaching, sitting together working on your core identity and purpose; as well as through very special, magical and vibrant energetic work. I believe that these can work hand-in-hand and are essential to unlocking, awakening and calling in all that serves you – to rediscover your authentic self… the very reason you have been placed here on this earth.

I offer 3 core packages, which encapsulate a mixture of these services. I also offer energetic awakening on its own – although of course, you will find that it is the catalyst to finding your true identity and purpose.

If you feel called to work with me, please get in touch and we can discuss which service will be the best one for you.


This package is to help you uncover, awaken and love every single part of what makes you up. As we grow up society, family and ancestral trauma shapes us into the person we are today – and if we are not careful, we can end up living a life made for someone else. This package helps you get back to YOU, what sets your soul on fire and helps you to understand all you are as a womxn.


This package will help you to uncover who you are and how that relates to your soul purpose, your career, your motivations and your drive. It will include a section on identity because in order to know what you want to do, you must know who you are and what drives you. However, the focus here is on career, life vision and purpose. Let’s get you where you want to be!

Manifest ALL

Are you ready to set up and take charge of ALL aspects of self and purpose? This package is a culmination of both identity and purpose and will take your life to the next level. Don’t let doubt, fear, worry or anxieties get in the way of this uplevel work – because you can do it, you can succeed and you can make your life what you want – no matter what your situation.

Energetic awakening

There are many reasons why meditation, reiki, crystal healing and oracle/tarot cards are used in people’s day to day life. I would like to share my expertise with you to help you find the answers that you are looking for.

Have no idea where to start? Get in touch with me for a free consultation!