8 sessions – Conscious Calling

Are you ready to dig deep into the journey of becoming a parent? Get ready to release all your fears, doubts and worries and start to feel empowered, strong and restored.

Why may you need this package?

  • Are you ready to call in your child to your body?
  • Are you already pregnant and need some relaxation and you time?
  • Do you want to explore feelings of – who am i as a mother? where do i go?
  • Would you like to have a safe space to explore some of your worries and concerns?
  • Do you want to go into your journey as a parent feeling empowered and strong?
  • Do you need a safe space to talk body image, self-image and mother-image?
  • Would you like to explore your concerns perhaps about how you were parented?
  • You need some self-care and love for yourself and your baby

These 8 sessions together will:

  • Help you understand more about you as a person and a parent
  • Help you work around some shadows that linger from your own childhood and care-givers/parents
  • Give you the chance to explore feelings, thoughts and beliefs you have in a safe space
  • Help you feel relaxed, empowered and strong
  • Give you the opportunity to release all of the things that keep you feeling small
  • Showcase to you the parent you have always wanted to be and how to do that in line with your values and beliefs

What do the 8 sessions include?

  • x2 45 minute energetic magick session
  • x6 60 minute sessions with me (in person or Skype)
  • Workbook
  • Homework in between sessions 
  • Direct ongoing support from me whenever you need

How reguarly will we meet? 

These sessions will happen over 16 weeks together.

They will happen every fortnight to ensure that you have time to digest and to work on actions that we will generate for you during our time together.

If you are working on a condenced period of time, we can of course work in a different way.

What investment is needed?

The total cost of these 8 sessions is £599

Payment plans are available if you need – please contact me for more details.

8 sessions - Conscious Calling

8 sessions – Conscious Calling


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