12 sessions – Conscious Calling

A deep, transformative period of time, where you have the opportunity to dive into this period of time in your life. Whether you are thinking of getting pregnant, you are pregnant or you have just become a parent, this package is for you!

Why may you need this package?

  • You want to really invest time, energy and love into yourself, your baby and your partnership (if applicable)
  • You want to start your journey as a new parent feeling empowered, supported, strong and loved
  • You want to shed the weight of your own and other people’s expectations of what it means to be a parent and instead find out what works for you
  • You want to understand what your parenting style will be and what works for you and your child/ren
  • You want to have a rooted experience with your partner where you work together to birth this child into the world (again, if applicable)

These 12 sessions together will:

  • Really help you deep-dive into your shadows, doubts, worries and fears to recognise, understand and release them
  • Help you with practical help that will carry on with you past the conception, past the birth into the real-world with your child/ren
  • Give you the support, love and guidance that you need based on what you need and want
  • Guide you to understanding more about who you want to be as a parent
  • Help you understand who you are prior to having a child/ren and who you are when you have had them
  • NOT – dictate best practices to you
  • NOT – tell you what you need to be doing, it is coaching, it is entirely dictated by you

What do the 12 sessions include?

  • x4 45 minute energetic magick session
  • x8 60 minute sessions with me (in person or Skype)
  • Workbook
  • Homework in between sessions 
  • Direct ongoing support from me whenever you need

How reguarly will we meet? 

These sessions will happen over 24 weeks together.

They will happen every fortnight to ensure that you have time to digest and to work on actions that we will generate for you during our time together.

If you are working on a condenced period of time, we can of course work in a different way.

What investment is needed?

The total cost of these 12 sessions is £888

Payment plans are available if you need – please contact me for more details.


12 sessions – Conscious Calling


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