Reiki, London

This was a short taster session with a client at a wellbeing day.

I worked on her head, neck and shoulders – but very quickly recognised that she had pain or tension on the left-side of her head around her jaw and ear (her feminine side), which we explored after our short session together.

My client explained that she’d recently seen a osteopath with pain on the left-side of her body which was causing a lot of tension in her jaw and face.

Testimonial from a client in Madrid - focus on identity and purpose
Identity sessions, Madrid

This was a package of 3 sessions originally looking at career. However, when we started looking at Identity, the sessions led onto reviewing inner critic and imposter syndrome as elements of things holding my client back.

We met regularly, once a week in coffee shops around Madrid with homework in between – manifestations, working on inner critic and self-limiting beliefs.

Although each package is set, we ended up tailoring the sessions as needed – with a focus on more psychological limitations and how these impact on job hunting and above all – finding who you are and what you’re meant to be doing in a new city!

Testimonial from a client in London - a focus on identity and purpose
Identity & career sessions, London

I worked with this client over 3 sessions. The focus at the beginning was very much around identity and her lack of understand what was to come in the future. This lead onto further sessions specific to her career as there was a desire to spread her wings!

We spent time working on her sense of identity – in work, at home and as a mum (for the second time!). Then we moved onto imposter syndrome work, inner critic, long term vision.

Support was offered to this client in between sessions via text and calls as well as homework. In one of our calls we did a short session on developing a personal mantra and self-limiting beliefs.

A testimonial from a client who had distance reiki
Distance reiki & tarot – London

I worked with this client over 3 sessions together – 2 for tarot and 1 for reiki.

The tarot sessions were focused on relationships and advice, direction and self-esteem issues relating to a previous relationship.

Sessions were conducted over Whatsapp – with me sharing photos and leaving voice messages to go through the cards and following up with notes for better reference.

The reiki session was held for 45 minutes and via distance. I used a range of crystals – it was an incredibly powerful session not just for Kevin but also for me – i had to spend a long time sitting afterwards!

A powerful testimony from a distance reiki i did for a client and her daughter who was suffering with cancer.
Distance reiki – North Carolina

This was an incredible story for me – one that will stay with me my whole life.

I was contacted on FB by a lady who explained to me that her daughter was in hospital and needed healing. I offered to do a free session for her to aid in her recovery.

As the weeks went past i did a couple of sessions for this lady’s daughter and i was able to, in our sessions see and speak to her twin sons who had passed on, i had a very profound reaction doing the healing and then passed on all the messages. Micah and Julian are the children who passed.

Later on this lady contacted me again to explain that her daughter in fact had cancer but that the cancer had been contained. About 6 weeks later – i was sent a photo album and link to a webpage where i saw that her daughter was fully healed and was quoted on the page to be ‘miraculous’. It was a blessing and honour to be in anyway involved in this lady’s healing and story.