Women in business

Being a woman in business has it’s own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

In a report released by McKinsey in parnership with lean.in.org it found that although companies were committed to gender diversity, many companies were not doing enough to translate that intention into something meaningful.

How can Diosa Coaching help?

I would like to offer your company the opportunity to run a women’s only coaching workshop or women’s breakfast in your offices in partnership with your HR department.

What topics could we cover?

  • Career development – making your job work for you
  • Reclaiming your identity in the workplace
  • Ensuring your wellbeing at work and creating meaningful routines and habits
  • How to minimise burnout and maximise potential at work
  • Work life balance – is it possible to find balance?
  • Can women really have it all?
  • Getting back to work after having a baby

I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about these ideas and what would work with your company. Contact me today using the form below to start re-invigorating the women in your organisation!