Find the job you’ve always wanted

Finding a job, let alone the job you REALLY want it tough. The job market around the world is fiercely competitive and requires you to be able to hold you own in interviews, in knowing what you want and knowing where you need to make compromises.

What could we work on together?

  • Skills, values and belief systems
  • Understanding what the end goal is
  • Understanding how work plays into your identity and what and who you want to be seen as
  • Looking at the job market – what is required of you, how you meet that currently and where the gaps are
  • Reviewing your 10 and 5 year plan and a step-by-step plan of what it will take for you to get there
  • How to understand how your current lifestyle plays into these plans – what do you NEED to have, what do you WANT to have and what is REQUIRED of you from outside factors
  • CV building (fitting in those skills and values we will discuss)
  • Cover letter writing
  • How to deal with disappointment (if you don’t get quite what you want first time).

How could we work together?

Book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss where you are at


If you are currently unemployed or a student then please contact me to discuss a discount on these services!

90 minute coaching session

Understand your skills, values and beliefs more clearly so you can find a job that suits you and your lifestyle


x3 90 minute coaching sessions

Deep dive into your skills, values and beliefs, get help with your job hunt, CV and cover letters - how to make the first move with companies and find the job you've always wanted