Develop your identity

We can all walk through life with an air of confidence, sometimes that comes from knowing all that we are and sometimes that comes from a place of showing people that we’re ok when we’re really feeling low, lost or having a case of the dreaded imposter syndrome!

Through sessions together I will help develop your identity, self-confidence and value through activities to find your strengths, understand values and belief systems more clearly and understand how to make decisions in your life based on what serves you.

This coaching is for you if…

  • you feel underwhelmed with an aspect of your life – relationship, job, career etc
  • you feel overwhelmed with limiting beliefs
  • you want help to develop your confidence when making a decision to go back to work or try and new area of business
  • you want to feel inspired about who you are as a woman
  • you feel lost when making decisions – about why and how you’re making those decisions
  • need help to evaluate life choices and how to feel comfortable with those decisions and stick with them!
  • need to learn how to let go of disappointments, how to let go of areas of your life that you need to walk away from (or people)
  • you want to develop your own personal brand to make yourself stand out

How could we work together?

Book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss where you are at


90 minute coaching session

Session picking up some of the themes (and others as they evolve) helping you to maximise your self-confidence and identity in all areas of your life


x3 90 minute coaching sessions

Let's deep dive into what is holding you back over 3 sessions together so when we finish our sessions you are a more confident, vibrant woman