Create your own business

Have you got a burning desire to do your own thing? Perhaps you’ve had an idea of a new business but haven’t got the confidence to go for it, or perhaps you have absolutely no idea where to start… well, I can help!

With this package, I can help you with the following things:

  • Identification of business idea
  • How to work out your audience
  • Developing your unique sales proposition (USP)
  • Messaging to help you talk to your audience
  • Business strategy template
  • Marketing strategy template
  • How to develop a business case and present it clearly and concisely!

I have over 10 years of experience working in business and would love to help you to develop your own piece of magic!

How could we work together?

Book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss where you are at


90 minute coaching session

This is a 90 minute session where we will deep dive into how to create a business idea, set it up and get started!


x3 90 minute coaching sessions

Deep dive into maximising the potential of your business