What the F is the 5th Dimmension and why is everyone going on about it?

What the F is the 5th Dimmension and why is everyone going on about it?

If you follow anyone whose passion is spirituality, you will probably have seen them talking about 5D energy. If you're wondering what the F 5D energy is then have a read below. In this blog i will tell you: - what a dimmension is - why 5D is so important right now - how the change has happened - how to utilise 5D in your life So don't panic... there will be no more FOMO after you have read this blog.

A week of retrogrades – a tarot explanation

A week of retrogrades – a tarot explanation

This week brings about 4 different retrogrades. It’s a time for us to slow down, to assess different aspects of ourselves and to find answers to some of the questions we may have been searching for. This week, I am going to deep dive into these retrogrades using tarot. I’ll give you a brief overview [...]

Why asking “how are you?” has become a problem

In last few days I’ve asked the question “how are you?” to two people I care about immensely, who’ve been frankly horrified I’ve had the audacity to ask. Just to clarify I didn’t just say it to just two people but if anyone else was offended they kept it covered under their stiff upper, very [...]

Masturbation and manifesting

Masturbation and manifesting

On an energetic level, the flow of energy in your body speeds up when you masturbate. The body, meridians and chakras all open up to receive an unrestricted flow of energy. Alignment occurs between the vibration of the physical and non-physical perspective. Therefore you will experience an alignment and integration of the physical and non-physical elements of mind, body and spirit. During orgasm, the awareness of the identity or ego evaporates as your body is consumed with the physical, mental and spiritual bliss of pleasure; it allows you to reach a higher state of consciousness and enlightenment - this is the key for manifesting your heart and soul's desire.

Raise your self-worth

Over the last few weeks i've been super sick. Tired, a horrible cough, no energy and sick to my stomach. This week - i'm back in the game. What changed? Well... I can't boast a miracle cure because i don't take medicine, I can't boast to just sleeping it off, although rest and quiet time [...]

A love letter… to me

I am doing a 10 day self-love challenge with a group. The first task is a love letter to myself. Maybe you can join me with your own... Focus on the following: How amazing you are Your best qualitiesThings you're great at All the amazing things you have done in this lifetimeThe things you're most [...]

Actions speak louder than words – living free from stereotypes!

'If there is one message I want people to take away, is to never compromise being your authentic self. Even if that means making other uncomfortable’ Halima Aden   Welcome to blog two of our deep dive into the softer side of your job hunt. Today we are going to be looking at moving away [...]

Big mood

How often do you wake up in a bad mood? Now, how often do you wake up in a bad mood and let that mood effect your whole day? Maybe you woke up feeling awesome then something happened and you were like - fuuuuuuuuuuck, that's it, day's ruined. Maybe you woke up feeling tired and [...]

Be less man…more woman

I went to a workshop at the weekend and i was talking to the women there about what i do here at Diosa Coaching. I was explaining to them that i feel there is a real issue in the workplace at the moment with women feeling like they need to be more like men in [...]