Why Coaching?

Coaching is a practical and very personal mechanism for developing your own healing and manifestation tools. Coaching is not counselling, my role is not to tell you what you should be doing, what is in your best interest – what my role through Diosa Coaching is to provide you with a safe, challenging, personable environment for you to become all that you are as a woman.

In this environment you can challenge your own belief structures, values and skills and recognise how these manifest in your life and help you to identify where you want to hold space in your life and where you are not doing so.

The role of a woman is so varied through our lives – it is of course understandable that within each role we compromise on other elements of ourselves. The idea of Diosa Coaching is to help you to understand that you can be all that you want no matter what role you play. Nothing that we do should be at the expense of ourselves.

Coaching has YOU at the centre of it. As with all of the tools that we will use together I am merely the facilitator of conversations and mechanisms for healing that you will create for yourself. This means that not only will you be able to move forward in our sessions together, but you will be able to come back to these tools again and again as you need – because they are YOURS.