About me

My name is Jenni, I am a divine feminine and energy practitioner (working with Celestial and Reiki energy) and a Isis-Magdalene Rose Priestess in-training. My work is centred on awakening the divine feminine in each soul that i work with; so that collectively we can raise the vibration of our own bodies, minds and souls and walk unapologetically on whatever path She calls us.

Why Diosa Magick?

Diosa is a Spanish word for Goddess. Magick is defined as ‘the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with will’. I wanted to create a name that explained that the nature of how you and I would work together is fundamentally focused on Goddess/Divine Feminine behaviour and characteristics, but created in line with your will and desires. Remember, that whenever you work with someone in a coaching/mentoring sense is dominated always by your will and only yours as i act merely as a fasciliator to the divine, to practices that will help and expand you and help you back onto the path of your choosing.

I wanted to create a place where the focus was not just on the light and love side of spirituality, which is bypassing to the max. But, instead focus on embracing the darkness of our present moments, our characters and our situations to bring about awareness, understanding and growth… light always follows dark, it is in those low moments that the real catalyst for change happens.

How do i work?

In our work together we will use tools such as energy work (Reiki and Celestial), shadow work (inner critic and imposter syndrome), meditation, divine Goddess/Feminine invokation, coaching tools such as NLP, CBT, self-awareness tools and projection tools to help you create the life that you have always dreamed of, or feel a desire towards. I also host womxn’s circles and distance reiki/celestial if you want to join a community to womxn interested in awakening to the divine feminine alongside you.

My journey to She

My journey to now has taken on many twists and turns, as most of us will experience i’m sure! I’ve always been connected to the ‘other worlds’ even when i was a young child. It was a frequent occurance that my parents would have to come in and make sure i was sound asleep before i would turn my light off – a life filled with visions, spirits, an energetic ‘knowing’ there was more around me than what could often be seen. Until they moved house a few years back, they still kept a night light on in the hallway by my bedroom for when i slept-walked or had dreams and needed someone for a cuddle.

Growing up i channelled these ‘things’ into a Christian faith as it made the most sense to me – seeing the blessings, the visions, the ‘others’ as gifts from God himself. It also started a journey of connecting to something higher than myself and being in a close community – that passion of mine has never gone away. In fact, the lineage of priestess training i am doing now has centred back to Mary Magdalene – someone, who is a patron of mine, a Divine woman who is with me always. There are many of us i believe who have started our journey’s in the church and a journey for me, that despite the horror when i left, it taught me a lot about a balance of energy, divinity and love.

When i was younger perhaps about 12, i started to feel a real dissatisfaction with life. I was the typical teenage rebel, using art, music and image as a way of setting myself apart from my peers. I started looking more at the occult, The Craft being the start of a season of my twin sister and i walking around in goth clothes calling ourselves The Lightening Twins. It was a period of time that was very difficult, a lot of growing, a lot of experiencing, the rumble of She was calling me to my true self but i was not old enough or strong enough to understand yet.

So through my school years and afterwards, i was pulled back into a more traditional way of life. This led me into my 12 years in marketing and career coaching. It was a time where i was able to express myself and use my creativity, my big thinking in a way that suited the status-quo; something, that feels for many of us, all that we will ever exist within.

Except, that it wasn’t for me. About 10 years ago, i had a dream, it was an incredibly powerful dream, where i woke up speaking words in Hebrew and totally freaking myself out. As i did before, i put this down to a relationship with God and then spent a considerable number of years back in the church in an almost cult-like environment. But at the time, i spoke out loud ‘I am not ready yet’ and i didn’t experience something other than the typical for years. Fast forward now to 5 years ago when i started to make a few incredible changes in my life – i challenged the relationships with my dear ones, i changed my diet, i moved away from Christianity and started to forge my own path forward. It was at this time i had a spiritual awakening and the second of my life-changing dreams. It was an experience that happened, again after a very powerful dream and it, at that very moment changed me soul deep and something that will always stay with me. It was the catalyst for me speaking the words ‘I am ready now’ and the moment my whole life changed, where She found me and lifted me up to my highest level of divinity.

And now…

Through the last 5 years i have explored all the sides of myself. Dug bloody deep into my subconscious and visited the darkness that has resided there. I have explored the limiting belief structures that have held me captive for nearly 30 years and i have explored the beauty of the divine, the other worlds, other beings and the divine energy that exists all around us and within.

I started this place last year when i lived in Spain and it was the most wonderful thing i have ever done. Free from the restrictions that kept me bound for so long, this place has become an extension of all that i have been and all that i am now. These are lessons i so hope to pass onto you so that you may experience these profound moments of joy and ease and that even when our sessions are done, our circles are closed, you will still feel the heartbeat of the Diosa around you wherever you are.

Many, many blessings to you


Jenni x