Many blessings to you as you journey to the awakening of your divine feminine!

It is such a pleasure to welcome you to this space. My name is Jenni, I am a Divine Feminine and energy practitioner (working with Celestial and Reiki energy) and a Isis-Magdalene Rose Priestess in-training. My work is centred on awakening the Divine Feminine in each soul that i work with; so that collectively we can raise the vibration of our own bodies, minds and souls and walk unapologetically on whatever path She calls us.

My divine purpose is to dedicate my life to serving womxn, just like you, to help you embrace all you are as divine womxn and to help you create an unapologetic authenticity in the way you move in the world.

Every single one of us have had moments of uncertainty in our lives – where we feel the itch of uncertainty, the pull from deep within us for something greater, more liberating, more passionate, more wild, more… just more than what we have always known.

Do not be fearful of this moment in your life. It is the time for great awakening emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. You will face through this time the most bountiful grace, love and support from the Divine Mother/Goddesses that surround you always. You will also experience the most intense heartache as the life that you knew falls away from you. But as with anything that causes us darkness, we rise once more through that darkness towards the light. The divine light that is within you dear one… let is rise up and consume you, this is your divine birthright. It’s yours – will you take it?

Both Diana and our son Jon still struggle daily with the loss of Julian and Micah, as do we his grandparents. So you being able to confirm that they were well and present was comforting beyond words.

That you took precious time and energy to assist complete strangers, is a gift beyond measure that can never be repayed


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