Welcome! My name is Jenni and i welcome you here to Diosa Coaching.

I am a life and career coach, reiki and Celestial practitioner, expert manifestor and soul guide for womxn. I want Diosa Coaching and the work we do together to provide you with practical, hands on, nurturing energetic expertise to help you find the diosa within and awaken your feminine power!

Photo of Jenni the founder sitting on some rocks in Ibiza looking at the sea. She is wearing a blue dress, with a leopard print head scarf and is barefoot.

At the core of my business sits IDENTITY. Once you have a clearer idea of who YOU are, without all the baggage; you can be free to understand yourself more clearly and make decisions about your life that suit YOU. This is where the magic happens, where stress is reduced, where ideas, goals and purpose becomes crystal clear.

This is a coaching service only for womxn. For centuries men and the masculine dominance of energy has dominated our world and society in which we live. I believe often (not always!) to the detriment of our beings, our bodies and our beliefs as women. Today we see a HUGE awakening of feminine consciousness, which is an amazing platform for us to dig deep within ourselves and to seek the fire of self love, self belief and self awareness that has been lost.

I so look forward to working with you – do check out my work with me pages to find out about my services and prices.

Work with me


This package is to help you uncover, awaken and love every single part of what makes you up.  This package helps you get back to YOU, what sets your soul on fire and helps you to understand all you are as a womxn.


This package will help you to uncover who you are and how that relates to your soul purpose, your career, your motivations and your drive.

Manifest ALL

Are you ready to set up and take charge of ALL aspects of self and purpose? This package is a culmination of both identity and purpose and will take your life to the next level. 

Energetic awakening

A powerful energy healing designed to give you healing, peace, reduction in stress and internal power. Delivered at your home, at mine or via distance – whatever suits you!

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